Ioustini Devetzi – Brief CV

Ioustini is working in the Department of European Affairs of A.C.C.I. since 2014 and at the A.C.C.I. in various positions, since 2009 (Government Gazette Issue No. 280c/22.4.2009). She has been appointed by the decision 14/11.07.2022 of the Steering Committee of A.C.C.I as the Administrator of the Business Angels Network of Greece.

She holds: a) Master degrees: in “Applied Economics and Business”, Department of Economic and Regional Development of the Panteion University, and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in “Economics of Health Management”, Department of Economics, by University of Piraeus. b) Bachelor’s degrees: in ‘Business Administration’ of the Athens University of Economics and Business – AUEB, and in ‘Financial Services and Business in Southeast European Countries’ by University of West Attica at the Department of Business Administration (Scholarship from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation). Diploma’s: a) in ‘Pedagogical Science’ of the Program in Sciences of Education and Training of the Athens University of Economics and Business and b) in Maritime Studies of the Institute of Vocational Training. She speaks English and Greek.

She had also a long working experience in the private sector since 1996. She has also participated in the administrative support, implementation and development of the above projects: Athens Start-Up Business Incubator (THEA), Europe Direct A.C.C.I., Sustainable Greece, DANAE, MIND, FABUSS, GAZELLE and Enterprise Europe Network.